5 things going to University has taught me.

I started my Journalism course in September 2016 and my first year is already near the end with only a week left.

Over the time I’ve had in my first year, I’ve learned a lot of things: about myself, the world and the people around me, I thought I’d share them.

1) It’s okay to be afraid:

Going into a journalism degree and being completely anxious in social situations wouldn’t be the greatest mix for anyone, let alone me… and it wasn’t. But throughout my first year, I’ve realised it’s totally normal to feel scared going into something so important and big. It’s okay to not want to do things that scare you. But what I’ve taken from this the most, is that it gets so much easier. As cliché and generic as that may sound, it truly did take me jumping in the deep end (aka a course that is based entirely on what I’m terrified of) to realise that it gets easier and easier just going and doing what you’re scared of, try it, I promise it works.

2) Your friends are your biggest critics and supporters:

I mean this in the best way possible. In my first year of university, I never imagined to make such a close group friends. I normally find it difficult to keep people around and usually keep my friendship groups small (by that I mean 3 at most), but this year I’ve become friends with the most weird and wonderful people. People who are straight up, people who are completely honest and tell me if I’m being completely irrational or stupid, or are supportive when I do well. That’s what I love. Wether it be a silly 1,000 word essay or serious life problems, I can trust these people with my life and I think in a place like university, that kind of friendship is very rare.

3) You time is important:

Amidst all of the deadlines, crying, stress, and tantrums we all throw during crunch time… you time is more than necessary. I’ve heard the phrase ‘I have no time for myself anymore’ so many times in the last year, I’ve actually lost count. But taking that time out for yourself is very important. Wether it be a night out drinking with friends, reading a book, binging on Netflix for a day or even just taking an hour nap… all of this is okay. Without it, you lose you. I found that out the hard way, hours of ugly stress crying isn’t a good look, or feeling for that matter, trust me. I realised I need the time for myself to reload, to remember why I came to uni and what I want from it. Me time is what keeps me sane and makes me, well… me.

4) ‘I tried my best, that’s all that matters’:

A phrase I like to live by. Wether you’re scraping a 3rd over an essay you worked for weeks on, or getting a first on something you put together in a few days… you did your best and that’s all that matters. What more can you do than your own best? I learned to not put myself down for any of my efforts, if you tried, it always matters.

5) Enjoy it while you can:

Again, another cliché but true phrase. I’ve realised that a third of my uni life is now over, and I feel like I’ve been at uni for two minutes. It goes so fast! I’ve came to realise that before I know it, uni is going to be over, I won’t be with my friends every day anymore and everyone will be off doing their own thing, it won’t last forever. From now on, I want to try and seize every possible opportunity that I can, I may not ever get it again.
Are you at uni, college or school? What’ve you learned from your time there? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading, I hope you’ll take something from this, much like I have.

Until next time,


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