Slam Dunk Festival: Leeds, 2017.

I know I’ve been gone for a little while, but I thought what better way to make a come-back than sharing my weekend at Slam Dunk Festival with you all! 

As a lover of gigs and festivals, I’d surprisingly never been to Slam Dunk fest until this year, and I can’t wait to go again! (Let’s hope for less bands I love clashing next time.)

It was a beautiful sunny weekend, in one of my favourite cities. I didn’t want to come home! But after making some amazing memories, here is a rundown of the amazing day I had!

To start, I finally met one of my all time favourite bands, Don Broco! 

There is absolutely no doubt about it that Don Broco are one of the most incredible live bands I’ve ever seen, but they’re just as nice in person and such genuine people, such a bonus! 

Its also very hard to get a video when watching a Broco set, but here’s a little snippet! Broco are the main reason I went to Slam Dunk and I was most definitely not disappointed. The crowd for them was literally insane, mosh pits galore! (Getting in a mosh pit with Rob and Matt was a definite plus) and everyone was jumping and singing along… I guess you could say it was a workout (a thug workout… okay I’m not funny but anyway…)

I also got to see Deaf Havana again, after about four years of not seeing them. They are still an phenomenal band with amazing talent, the crowd was amazing during their set. The feeling of being amongst a crowd singing songs word for word to a band you first saw in a tiny little room is incredible, as were the band themselves! 

And then there was Set It Off. I was gutted I couldn’t see their set due to clashes, but I did get to meet them! Again, they were such down to earth genuine lads and showed that they really appreciated us being there to meet them, what an amazing experience!

After Broco, we made the walk to Leeds Arena to see Bowling For Soup, who have been a band I’ve wanted to see live for a looooong time. I felt like a I was at a comedy show with live music added, they were both hilarious and amazing (true talent). It was incredible to finally hear some of my favourite childhood music live and make the best end, to the best weekend!

If you have ever had any doubts about whether you should to go to Slam Dunk Festival or not, I definitely say grab your tickets fast next year. You’ll make some amazing memories, some amazing friends and see some amazing live bands! 

Are you going to any festivals this year? Did you attend Slam Dunk? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you’re all having an amazing Summer.

Until next time, 


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